"..Focusing on the qualityof life for its 8000 rural inhabitants.."

Jill Kibble VMRC Councillor

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Welcome to the official site of the Vale of Montgomery Rural Cluster

This resource will provide valuable information about our cluster, projects we are involved in and essential links to our services, community councils and more.

For further information on the Vale of Montgomery Rural Cluster, projects it is involved in or services - please contact us by using the e-form or via email: info@vmrc.cymru.

The Vale of Montgomery Rural Cluster of Councils (VMRC) was established in 2015 as an equal partnership of Abermule with Llandyssil; Montgomery; Berriew; Kerry, Sarn and Dolfor; Forden, Leighton and Trelystan Councils, representing in the order of 8 000 residents. Originally formed in response to aborted County Council moves towards service devolution, VMRC continued in order to share information and explore co-operative working to the benefit of our communities and possible future devolved service delivery.

VMRC is a constituted group with its own Terms of Reference. It is an equal partnership with no lead Council. Each constituent Council nominates two councillors to attend quarterly meetings as voting representatives. County Councillors for each area are invited to attend. The Cluster has an elected Chair and Vice-Chair and a Clerk nominally employed by Montgomery Town Council. Smaller working groups are established as required for specific projects.

VMRC wishes to address environmental issues such as grass cutting, verge maintenance, blocked drains, reducing litter etc throughout the Cluster area. Currently this is carried out piecemeal: partly by the County Council, individual town / community councils and voluntary effort. We aim to investigate the feasibility of a co-ordinated, whole area agreed approach and protocol for maintenance.

This website has been produced as part of the Vale of Montgomery Rural Cluster Communtiy Development Project grant funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Vale of Montgomery Rural Cluster